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Worker's Compensation

Why You Should Consult an Attorney


Not all injuries on the job are compensable under the Worker's Compensation Act. Before you make any statements to the insurance company about your accident, you may need to consult an experienced Worker's Compensation lawyer.

Worker's Compensation

You may be entitled to weekly benefits until you are able to return to work even after you have been released by your physician. If you return to work at a reduced wage, you may be entitled to partial disability benefits. You may also be entitled to permanent partial disability benefits for the lost of use of some part of your body. Many times the insurance carrier or your employer may attempt to settle your claim without explaining your options.

The employer, insurance adjuster, and rehabilitation providers may be your adversaries in a claim. In addition the insurance adjuster has the right to direct your medical care. If you are dissatisfied with the treatment you are receiving, they may not tell you that you have other options.

Attorneys' Fee

If we agree to take your Worker's Compensation case, we will represent you on a contingency fee basis
which means you pay no legal fees unless we successfully resolve your case. Initial consultations are
provided at no cost.

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